Iconic Resource Group has harnessed the power of innovative solutions and technologies to help clients identify prospects and deliver financial products and services through a growing network of distribution channels.

Our team of industry experts and specialists has redefined how financial products are sold and distributed for the benefit of insurance carriers, brokerage agencies, IMOs, banks, wealth advisors, RIAs, and the groups that service them.

The IRG Ecosystem is a platform of advanced solutions, services, and technologies. Its sole purpose is to help IRG clients increase sales distribution of financial products and services through our proprietary network and a number of alternate distribution channels. Learn more about Channel Management and Development.

What could your business accomplish if you had the all tools you needed to dramatically improve the way you drive action and deliver business impact?

Be more relevant with IRG. 

The IRG value proposition is this: industry expertise, marketplace relationships, alternative distribution channels, cross-selling opportunities, and cost savings designed to help client advisors and consultants increase their business and improve the financial well-being of their corporate and individual clients.

IRG is an unmatched resource for the financial products industry, a network and system designed to uncover opportunities and reach potential clients for all who participate.  The IRG Ecosystem not only makes distribution of financial products and services more efficient but creates cross-selling opportunities that expand market reach and revenue potential for members.

Advanced Solutions – At a Glance

Channel Management & Development

Identify, Expand, Market, and Harvest


Executive Benefits (Public/Private)

M&A Services

Specialized/Proprietary Premium Financing

Wealth Management & RIA

Private Client

Executive Benefits (Public/Private)

Advanced Design Services

Coaching, Education, and Training

Private Client

Business Succession and Legacy Strategy

Private Wealth and Estate Optimization

Foreign National

Estate Tax and Cash Flow Strategy

Currency Hedge

Individual Insurance

Specialized/Proprietary Premium Financing

Private Placement Life Strategies

Term Life Conversion, Sales, and Education

Orphan Policy Outreach

Inforce Policy Analytics

Employee Benefits

Corporate Health and Welfare

Health Cost Savings and Control

Pension Plan Strategies – DB, DC, 401(K)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

How to Engage

IRG takes a consultative approach to helping new clients engage the IRG Ecosystem.  The first step is jointly reviewing the client’s existing products and distribution channels, followed by in-depth interviews with executive decision makers and influencers about what is and is not working and finally, market expansion and supplementation. The outcome is a realignment of a client’s existing and new products with our proprietary and alternative distribution channels. From this consultative process, a joint marketing and sales plan is created for engaging the IRG Ecosystem, which, among other things, helps identify alternative sales distribution opportunities, objectives, goals, and KPIs for ROI tracking.

Contact IRG to engage the IRG Ecosystem and begin to drive new revenue opportunities.